Federal Science Partners is a newly formed government relations and public affairs firm providing professional services to institutions of higher education, national research facilities, scientific and education organizations, and leading environmental technology companies.  

Meg Thompson and Joel Widder, respected appropriations aides, federal agency experts, and lobbyists, founded the firm to provide targeted, strategic advice and insight for clients into the federal budget and related policy development activities of relevant federal agencies and the Congress as it relates to research, development, technology, and education.  

The new firm brings together two partners who value client service above all else.  

Federal Science Partners

    •    Enables its clients to effectively participate in the development of federal research and education priorities;
    •    Positions the clients to effectively advocate for its research and education priorities;
    •    Raises the client’s visibility with federal decision makers in productive ways;
    •    Provides proposal development assistance for major federal research and education funding opportunities, and
    •    Develops vital working relationships with key decision makers in federal agencies, the Congress, and like-minded institutions.

The result of such services is a strengthened ability on the part of the client to successfully attract and retain federal support for its research and education priorities.